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Phil Murphy Just Blamed Chris Christie for Delay in Unemployment Checks

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy, who has manned the helm of the Garden State for over two years now, has just blamed former Governor Chris Christie for delays in the processing of new unemployment claims and issuing of timely checks to those in need.   Murphy cited Christie’s 25% across the board cuts the New Jersey Department of Labor.  Murphy showed a chart that showed a steady decline in staffing and funding levels to the New Jersey Department of Labor that continued well into his first two years in office.

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Staffing at the Department of Labor is down 25% from where it was in 2008, according to Murphy.

“This is a workforce we can use now more than ever,” Murphy said. “It’s a headwind, that quite frankly from the folks who came before who cut staffing levels at the department of labor by 25%.”


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