Social Compliance Officer is Now a Job and Military Experience is Preferred


UNION, NJ – A tri-state area based armed security firm is hiring “COVID-19 Social Compliance Officers” to work for their clients to enforce safe social distancing and compliance.  With the rise in hostile and now deadly aggression towards employees who are on the front lines of social compliance, the company sees the need for a new level of security officer.

“The COVID Compliance Officer assists clients in their efforts to maintain a safe and healthy, virus-free environment to include, workplace, restaurants, hotels, gymnasiums, retail establishments and transportation,” the company said.

One job offer on Indeed this week read, “COVID -19 Social Compliance Officer – Military Experience Required”.

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If you’re interested in a job as a social compliance officer, here are the pre-requisites you need:

  • Have one or more of the following
  • Military Service in the active duty military, military reserve or National Guard
  • Retired Law Enforcement
  • Service in auxiliary police or cadets
  • Healthcare experience

Social compliance officers can be seen in supermarkets, department stores and possibly in the future, even in restaurants, according to the company’s website.  Any business that will be required to implement and comply with CDC guidelines for COVID-19 could possibly require the service of this new breed of anti-viral security guard.

Photo by Collin Armstrong on Unsplash

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