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Jackson Mayor Reina: Public Not Allowed at Tuesday Township Meeting

JACKSON TOWNSHIP-Mayor Michael Reina today announced that the public will be barred from attending Tuesday night’s scheduled township council meeting and council members will be allowed to telephone in to cast votes on items listed in the agenda.

“As previously reported, municipal buildings are closed to the public while staff continues to conduct the important business of the community,” Mayor Reina said via a pre-written statement. “Government provides critical services for the public and this will continue with appropriate modifications. This includes Council meetings.”

“The Coronavirus Pandemic demands serious participation and focus by every member of the community to succeed and move forward. We will continue to serve you in that capacity.[sic]” Reina said in a pre-written statement.

New Jersey’s Open Public Meetings Act, known as “The Sunshine Law,” is designed to ensure that decision-making government bodies in the state conduct their businesses in public except in specific circumstances where exclusion of the public is needed to protect the privacy of individuals, the safety of the public or the effectiveness of government in such areas as negotiations or investigations.

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