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With Coronavirus Cases on the Rise, Jackson Township to Host Town Meeting on Tuesday

JACKSON TOWNSHIP-While many surrounding towns have postponed all public business and meetings for the foreseeable future, the Jackson Township Council and Mayor Michael Reina are going forward with plans to host a public township council meeting on Tuesday, March 24th.

At the meeting, the township council will discuss in private a judge ordered statement against the township delivered in the case of Jackson Parke South, a development which was rejected by the planning board.  It is expected that the township will send the matter back to the planning board for approval.

Insiders in town hall tell Shore News Network the township council and mayor have signaled that the planning board should approve this order.  If the planning board does not approve the judge’s order, the matter will be brought before the township council to vote, a prospect not favored by the elected politicians up for re-election in 2020.

Additionally, the town will introduce the 2020 municipal operating budget.

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Township officials have not offered any public guidance as to attendance at this meeting or how the township will conduct the meeting safely under the health and safety guidelines issued by the Ocean County Health Department and administration of Governor Phil Murphy.

Also, the town will finally announce compliance with the equal opportunity commission’s guidance on the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

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The town council may introduce resolutions not currently published at the time of the meeting next week.


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