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Berkeley Township Mayor: It’s important to keep our parks open

BAYVILLE-While towns like Toms River have opted to block residents from township parks, except for the pay to use Bey Lea Golf Course and the Winding River Skating Center, Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato disagrees and feels that his township’s parks should remain open so residents can get out of the house and get fresh air.

The township has closed all sports fields per Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order that recommends against organized sporting events, but Amato said the rest of the parks in his town will remain open for now.

“Our athletic fields are closed until further notice. All Berkeley recognized outside sports leagues have postponed their spring season until further notice,” Amato said. “However, our parks and playgrounds are open as of now.”

Amato said the Governor’s executive order #104 gave the state director of OEM to make amendments to executive order #104.


In that order, section 1. item c. states “Public parks and open recreation areas are excluded from this Administrative Order”

If you go to a park, Amato says you should continue practicing social distancing and be sure to bring hand sanitizer if you choose to use playground equipment.

“We feel it’s important to have our parks open at this time. When visiting our parks, we recommend everyone to practice “social distancing” and bring hand wipes or hand sanitizer particularly if you are going to use the playground equipment.” Mayor Amato said.

The bathrooms at the parks are closed and will remain closed.

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