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No Mo’ Parks for Now in Toms River

Mayor Maurice B. “Mo” Hill and The Township of Toms River has announced it will close all parks and playgrounds due the ongoing coronavirus shutdowns.

“In following with Governor Murphy’s guidelines regarding recreational facilities, effective immediately, all parks and playgrounds in Toms River Township will be closed,” the township said. today. “Signs will be posted at major points of entry all parks and playgrounds for the public’s knowledge.”

However, the township’s pay to play services at the Bey Lea Golf Course and Winding River Indoor Skating Rink shall remain open.

“The Bey Lea Golf Course will remain open. Locker rooms are closed, and attendance will be limited to 50 golfers. The Winding River Indoor Skating Rink will be open. Locker rooms are closed, and hockey leagues are canceled. Attendance will be limited to 50 skaters,” the township said.

Both locations will be closely monitored by township personnel and sanitized several times throughout the day. The Township is following the Governor’s declaration, which placed a limit of 50 people for all social functions and gatherings.



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