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With the Deck Stacked Against Him, Hirsh Singh Crushes Obama Democrat Rikin Mehta in Ocean County

TOMS RIVER-The fix is in across the New Jersey Republican Party elite, Hirsh Singh is to be kept away from Congress because he poses a significant challenge to Cory Booker.  An effort coordinated from top down, including higher levels of the GOP including Chairman Doug Steinhardt, RNC Chairpersons William Palatucci and Virginia Haines, former Governor Chris Christie and Assemblyman Tom Kean has kept longtime Conservative Republican Hirsh Singh off the Trump line.

The interests are pretty clear.  Republican leadership in New Jersey really doesn’t want to defeat Cory Booker this year because it’s not good for business.

The poster child of the 2019 Republican resurgence Mike Testa said it most eloquently.

“You can’t beat vanilla with French vanilla,” meaning you can’t defeat Democrats with Republican versions of Democrats.

That’s how he won his election by staying true to his base.

Enter Rikin Mehta, who by every definition of the word is the French vanilla Testa was referring to.

Mehta was an Obama Democrat, supports big pharma opioid supplies and is a D.C. swamp creature until the Obama era gravy train ended.  He found himself as a born-again Trumpster in the last few years.  Sure, we have the “walk away” effort going on, but walking away from te Democrat party doesn’t mean you have free access to walk right into the U.S. Senate as a Republican the next day.

Did you miss the part about “big pharma”?

Rikin not only was part of the Obama administration’s USDA drug regulation department, but he also went on to work for the liberal D.C. government then stints at Pfizer and other influential pharmaceutical lobbyists…hence the overwhelming support by state-level Republicans who have shown huge love for Big Pharma candidates in the past few years.

While Rikin’s 11 county victories sound impressive, the reality is they were in North Jersey counties, run by party elites who fell in line behind the powerbase.  In some cases a small handful of decision-makers decided amongst themselves to put Mehta on their Trump line.

In Ocean County, it’s a different story.  The people get to vote.  Hard-working, middle-class conservative Republicans and they overwhelmingly rejected Mehta and the state establishment’s endorsement of Mehta.

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