Richter Has What it Takes to Defeat Andy Kim


TOMS RIVER-New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim is beginning to grow on people despite his roots as a radical left-wing anti-Trump liberal activist set on overthrowing the government, but he still poses a danger to America.

Kim’s reckless support of the liberal national agenda still overshadows the good he’s doing here in New Jersey.  Like his former boss, Barack Obama, he’s good at making people feel good. He’s good with being in the right place at the right time and taking the right stance on important local issues.

Except, when he travels back to Washington, D.C., he transforms himself into a minion of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

He votes against the agenda of the community he serves in Washington, D.C. 60% of the time and represents purely partisan interests, according to “Tracking Congress in the Age of Trump“. His congressional voting record in favor of policy by Pelosi and the radical left is nearly 100%.

Enter David Richter.

So Richter is a carpetbagger.  Normally, that’s bad, but when you best bet to beat a highly likeable Democrat Congressman with high favorability among Ocean County’s huge population of senior citizens is a young millennial partier with an unpleasant rap sheet, we should be thanking Richter for the commitment he made to Ocean County to relocate his family to save us from a Pelosi crony in Congress.

Andy Kim didn’t live in New Jersey for many, many years before returning as one of the “Obama Kids” in 2018 who swept seats nationwide.

Richter showed this week that he has the determination, grit and wits to fight the brutal battle that is looming in CD-3 against Kim.  He fought against seemingly unsurmountable forces against him in Ocean County against a leadership team that appeared happy to just run through the motions and hope for the best.  He won the hardest county in the state when it comes to going against the party line.

His battle against establishment GOP operative Chris Russell was impressive.  He school Russell and the GOP elitists with hard-hitting campaign ads and his ability to walk the muddy and often bloody trenches of Ocean County Republican politics to rally support.

His victory in Ocean County all but secures his victory in the June primary as Ocean County carries far more votes than Burlington County in the Republican primaries historically.

His nomination battle was a key victory because it shows that he and his team have what it takes not only to continue defeating Russell and his establishment backing in campaign marketing, but that he is being battle-hardened during the process to be well prepared for Andy Kim in November.

The Gibbs’ camp, on the other hand, is showing sour grapes and animosity after their election defeat. It’s weakness, and you can bet Andy Kim is hoping Gibbs can pull off a June win because it will ensure his victory in November.

Now, the Ocean County GOP must be united behind Richter, which some are reluctant to do.  Many of Gibbs’ establishment supporters have already indicated they will continue to support her, including State Assemblyman John Catalano and others who represent the new regime in the county.

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