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Like All Totalitarian Regimes, Ocean County GOP’s Reign of Terror Ended with a Public Execution…Of Sorts

TOMS RIVER-Every totalitarian regime ends with a proper public hanging and that’s exactly what happened in Ocean County Wednesday night.

The toxic leadership regime of the Ocean County Republican Party, led by Frank B. Holman, III, Virginia Haines, Gregory P. McGuckin and Jerry Dasti were served justice by the people after the second-tier leadership of the party overturned their nominations for U.S. Senate and Congress.

Days earlier, the group, led by its panel of leadership insiders on the screening committee unanimously endorsed convicted shoplifter Kate Gibbs for Congress and Obama era Democrat Rikin Mehta for Senate to fulfill their obligations to North Jersey Republicans controlling this year’s elections statewide.

The decision to back the two unlikely Republican candidates was backed by party elites across the county, led by Freeholder Haines and Assemblyman Greg McGuckin.

Days earlier this regime, along with Mayor Maurice Hill of Toms River attempted a coup of their own against the Toms River Republican Club.  That coup failed miserably and came back to bite them on Wednesday when Toms River went against the regime to vote for Hirsh Singh and David Richter.

Mo Hill thought he had the last laugh when he demoted Craig Ambrosio over at town hall.  Ambrosio’s wife Geri is the president of the Toms River club which stopped the Holman, McGuckin, Haines, Hill coup dead in its tracks.

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It’s the way things have been since Holman, whose accounting firm receives over $6,000,000 annually in public revenue from frightened mayors and council members who fear his wrath if they do not succumb to his demands.  The costs of going against Frank Holman in Ocean County can be high, which is why until Wednesday’s private vote, few dared.

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Now, with blood in the street and the heads of Holman and Haines firmly attached to the tips of political poles,  the peasants of the club are running wild in the streets this week celebrating their newfound freedom…even if it is for a brief time.

Despite the crushing referendum against the executive leadership of the Ocean County GOP, at the end of the day, they still control all the moving pieces and most importantly, control the spigot of public funds to their friends, family, and supporters.

Days after the wins for Richter and Singh, the party still has not issued a press release and none of the elites have issued concession speeches or shows of support on social media.

Leading up to the convention, they were out in droves with public, yet ineffective endorsements of Gibbs and Mehta.  Now, silence because the party is not what matters for the new elites of the Ocean County GOP.  What matters is control, power and the weapons of intimidation they carry.

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Now, Holman, who has been the worst GOP leader in Ocean County in about 40 years has one last chance to show that he cares about the party and the people of Ocean County by how he reacts to his latest defeats in Toms River.    He came onboard promising to be a uniter, but so far he and his regime have done nothing but divided an already divided party even further.  Once the most powerful Republican party in the Mid-Atlantic, the Ocean County GOP is crumbling very fast and the people on the ground floor need to continue the uprising before it’s too late.

When your Ocean County Freeholder refers to herself as the modern-day Margaret Thatcher things aren’t alright.

Republicans in Ocean County today are breathing a sigh of relief as united, against the machine, they thwarted a North Jersey attempt to undermine their power, which can still exist long into the future if they can figure out how to stop Holman and his forces of glutton, greed and conceit.

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On the other side of the aisle, former Ocean County Chairman George Gilmore, who helped to orchestrate the offensive against the Holman regime appears to be here to stay.  He’s not going anywhere in the near future after filing an appeal of his 2019 conviction.  Gilmore says he is confident the appeal will be a success and will remain free during the process which could take up to two years before an acquittal is rendered.


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