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New Law by Senator Singer Will Help Feed the Hungry in New Jersey

Senator Robert Singer’s legislation supporting the important Meals on Wheels nutrition program with public donations has become law.

The measure signed by the governor (S-463) establishes the “Meals on Wheels in New Jersey Fund” and provides an option on the State income tax return that will allow taxpayers to make voluntary contributions to the fund.

“Meals on Wheels provides more than just a nutritious meal and a friendly smile to New Jersey seniors,” said Singer (R-30). “The organization does great work ensuring the elderly stay happy and healthy in their own homes. This is a convenient way for residents to help this outstanding nonprofit serve our senior community.”

Money collected under the fund established by the new law will specifically benefit local chapters of Meals on Wheels that operate in the state.

“As our aging population continues to grow, we need to increase support for invaluable organizations like Meals on Wheels,” Singer said. “Homebound seniors often experience extreme isolation and hunger. The volunteers are an important safeguard for those who may be at risk of injury or illness.”

According to Meals on Wheels, eight out of 10 low income, food insecure seniors are not receiving the home-delivered meals they need.

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