Nothing Personal with David Samson | 1.15.20

Nothing Personal with David Samson | 1.15.20

Today’s word of the day was ‘electrolyte’ as in Tom Brady joked about Julian Edelman needing those after his arrest. The Red Sox held a press conference with all the top brass in the organization after they agreed to “mutually” part ways with Alex Cora. Carlos Beltran is now in the crosshairs of MLB Twitter because of something Alex Cora said last season. Josh Donaldson signed with the Minnesota Twins even though he said he would never with the Minnesota Twins. Luke Kuechly retired in his prime and that should be a major red flag for the NFL. Review – Bombshell. So You Wanna Talk To Samson!? What goes into renaming and relocating a franchise? Who will be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox? #waittosee


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