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Ocean County Republican Chairman No-Show at County Swear-In Service

TOMS RIVER-Dignitaries from far and wide traveled to Toms River on Thursday to celebrate the momentous election victories of Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy along with Freeholders Jack Kelly and Virginia Haines.

Everyone except for Chairman Frank Holman.

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Holman was absent for his party’s swearing-in ceremonies, causing some party leaders to be upset with his decision to take off on a hunting trip out-of-state.  Since taking office, Holman has taken many leaves of absences for prolonged out-of-state hunting trips.

His predecessor George Gilmore was a staple at many county and municipal functions during his term in office and never missed a county-level swearing-in ceremony.

Holman’s local organization has come under fire in recent weeks for harboring anti-semitic party leaders in the wake of deadly attacks on Orthodox Jews in Jersey City and Monsey, New York.

Right now, extended deer season is underway in Kansas, along with fall turkey, greater prairie chicken, ducks, squirrels and furbearers. If he’s feeling adventurous, Holman could even engage in some beaver and otter trapping.  Typically, the public-service-contract tycoon takes leaves up absences from his position for up to two weeks at a time.



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