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Jackson Trails Denied Again, Federal Lawsuit Looms According to TLS

JACKSON-After denying the Jackson Trails development application back in October, an error by planning board attorney Gregory McGuckin allowed a window of opportunity for a second vote.  In that October meeting, the board voted 4-4 to reject the application, but McGuckin left the door open for a re-vote by calling for a vote to carry the measure to the December 2nd meeting which was held last night.

After testimony by the applicant’s lawyer, Sal Alfieri criticized the board for making a decision out of their scope of legal interest, an opportunity for the board to vote again was available.  After asking for a measure to vote by McGuckin, the board went silent.  No second chance was afforded and the application was official, denied once again.

Today, the Lakewood Scoop hinted that the applicant may seek to sue the township in federal court.


“Jackson Township is already embroiled in two ongoing federal lawsuits, and a third one could potentially place nearly unbearable strain on Jackson’s already stretched legal resources.” TLS reported today. “Now, the applicant has retained an attorney over the matter and is expected to file a federal housing lawsuit against Jackson Township within the next few weeks.”

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