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Too Many Items: Two Women Brawl over Howell ShopRite Express Lane Dispute

HOWELL-The signs clearly say 12 items (or 10) or less in virtually every express lane in every supermarket in America, but there’s always somebody pushing the limit with 13, 14 and sometimes 15 items. That was the scenario at the Howell Township ShopRite on Route 9 last week, but it was a different story after one woman exceeded her express lane limit by nearly three times the maximum, according to NJ.Com.

The incident happened last Thursday when a 43-year-old Brick woman tried to get her full load through the express lane but was confronted by a 45-year-old Howell Township woman turned supermarket vigilante.

Police say the two women exchanged words and got into a fight. What started with something like, “Excuse me, ma’am, the sign says 10, you have 30.” turned into an all-out brawl that involved punches to the head, hair pulling, spitting and biting, requiring police intervention.

In her defense, the over-the-limit shopper broke her items up into three separate orders, but that didn’t go well with the law-abiding citizen waiting in line behind her.

A third woman who tried to break up the fight was also injured.  The two women were issued citations by the Howell Police Department.

Photo by Kim Rubin/Twitter

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