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Out Control Turkeys Take Over Toms River

Residents in Toms River are powerless to stop a lot of things, like overdevelopment, but some in Holiday City hope they can at least start to fight back against a group of out of control turkeys here.  First reported on News 12, the turkeys allegedly are running amuck, blocking doors.

“The turkeys have taken over,” one resident said.  “It like an infestation.”

Neighbors say between 40-60 wild turkeys are attacking residents and causing a nuisance.

“People think it’s a laughing matter,” she said, even adding they are attacking people.

Toms River Animal Control Officer Richard Barbosa said there’s nothing the town can do about the aggressively foul fowl.

“This falls under nuisance wildlife,” Barbosa said. “And we’re not allowed to trap wildlife, we’re not allowed to relocate wildlife.”

He said the problem falls under the jurisdiction of the USDA.


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