Some of Toms River’s $149 Million Referendum Projects Being Completed Throughout the Summer

TOMS RIVER-Last year, Toms River voters passed a contentious $149,000,000 school referendum that sought to improve deteriorating conditions across the district.  This week, the district released updates on some of those projects being completed during the summer break.

Some of the items completed by the district include replacing all of the turf fields at the three high schools, which cost the district $1.2 million, replacement of old incandescent lighting, boiler repairs, sidewalk repairs and playground construction at the elementary schools.   The district spent $1.2 million on the playground replacement after deeming existing playgrounds as unsafe, according to the district.

Next items on the agenda will be to replace flooring at Toms River Intermediate East, Silver Bay Elementary School and Toms River Intermediate North. New sets of lockers will be installed at Toms River High Schools North and South.

The district will spend $2.6 million to pave the gravel and dirt parking lot at the John Bennett Athletic Complex (bubble).



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