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Sheriff Candidate Calls for AG Grewal’s Arrest for Harboring Illegal Aliens

MIDDLESEX-Anthony Gallo, a Republican running for sheriff in Middlesex County said today that Attorney General Gurbir Grewal should be arrested for his 2018 directive to protect illegal aliens in New Jersey.

“Has the NJ State Attorney General lost his mind,” Gallo asked. “He should be arrested immediately for harboring criminal illegal aliens!”

Gallo also expressed his frustration of news that broke today that 19 out of the state’s 21 sheriff’s are adhering to Grewal’s directive to not cooperate with ICE.

“And to my surprise 19 out of 21 Counties have been releasing these criminals into our backyard’s with our families,” he added. “We need to STOP these very dangerous Sanctuary Policies.
NO politician or appointed official has the right to tell a sitting Sheriff who is elected by the People what to do.”

He then called for his supporters to get behind him to remove Democrat Sheriff Mildred Scott from office in November. Scott’s administration has been fully cooperating with Grewal and Governor Phil Murphy’s policies that are attempting to supersede federal law when it comes to illegal aliens seeking safe haven and sanctuary in the Garden State.

Visit Gallo’s Facebook page for more information.


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