Bette & Eddie Making Another Attempt to Build World’s Tallest Sand Castle at Laurita Winery

Bette & Eddie combined have made 7 attempts and achieved 4 Guinness World records for the Tallest Sandcastle and collectively they have raised several hundreds of thousands of dollars for various non-profit charities. All of the records were created following very strict rules that only allowed construction to be done by hand. Over 3 million pounds of sand will be needed to be hand packed in order to beat the current record of 54 feet that was set with machine assistance. Bettē & Eddie will be seeking several thousand volunteers. This is an incredible team-building experience for businesses, churches, booster groups, non-profits, families of all sizes friends, individuals, etc. For more details, or to sign up to pack sand, please Text/Call Heather at 732-713-5556 or email her at , or click through and complete the form!

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