Belmar to Reverse Bad Decision to Deny Veterans Free Beach Access

BELMAR-After erroneously interpreting the law on behalf of this beachfront community, Belmar Borough Attorney Jerry Dasti and the borough leadership have pledged to reverse their earlier decision to deny free access to non-disabled veterans at this Jersey Shore town’s beaches.

Back in February, when the town’s new beach badge policy was introduced, residents questioned why non-disabled veterans had been stripped of their previously free access to the beaches.    During that same meeting, the council also voted to increase the beach badge senior discount age from 62 to 65, in an apparent motive to bring more revenue to the town.

This week, the borough council met and said they had misinterpreted a state statute that regulates municipal authority and regulation of beach access in New Jersey.

“We are going to change the ordinance,” Dasti said after previously claiming the law only allowed free beach access to active duty military and disabled veterans.

At the state level, New Jersey Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco (R) has introduced legislation that would allow New Jersey veterans free access to state-operated beaches, parks and forests.


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