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Holman Turns to Lakewood for Campaign Support, Offers More Diversity in Ocean County Politics

LAKEWOOD-Frank B. Holman and his campaign supporters, Ocean County Freeholder Virginia Haines and New Jersey Senator Robert Singer met on Monday in a private meeting with members of the Lakewood Township Republican Club and its leaders in an effort to rally support ahead of Wednesday night’s GOP Chairman election in Toms River.

Holman met with a group of twenty-five or so Lakewood Township Republicans at the Eagle Ridge Golf Course banquet facility.

Senator Singer and Freeholder Haines warmed up the crowd for Holman, offering their endorsement of Holman as the next Ocean County GOP chairman.

Trailing in many election estimates, Holman needs the support of the Lakewood Republican County Committee voters on Wednesday if he hopes to close the gap between him and his opponent Frank Sadeghi.

Holman told the audience that if he wins the election on Wednesday, he promises that the Ocean County GOP will be a more diverse political organization than it is currently.  Holman also said he would open the door for younger Republicans and women to run for political office.



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