Holman Firm Helped Anti-Trump Democrats Flip Somerset Freeholder Board for First Time in 40 Years

BURLINGTON CITY, NJ-In 2018, the accounting firm owned by Ocean County Chairman candidate Frank B. Holman helped to turn an entire New Jersey county blue along with several municipalities.

When Burlington County Democrat Mayor Brian Carlin and his Democrat council slate of Michael Cantwell, George Kozub and Joyce Howell were seeking to retain their power in government, they found an unlikely campaign donor.    According to the New Jersey Election Commission’s “Pay to Play” database, Holman Frenia & Allison, the accounting firm of Frank B. Holman III, donated almost 10% of the Democrats’ total campaign funds.

On October 22nd, Holman’s firm, according to the database donated $2,000 to Democrat Carlin’s campaign to keep Republicans out of local government in the city.  The campaign raised a total of $46,000 last year that aided its decisive victory over Burlington City Republicans Licardo Gwira, Nasir Jones and Stephen Riggi.

This wasn’t the only time Holman’s firm donated campaign funds to fight Republicans in other parts of the state.  In 2018, his firm helped end the nearly 40-year reign of Republicans on the Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

Somerset County Freeholder Shanel Robinson sworn in by Governor Phil Murphy after defeating Republicans for the first time in 40 years was funded by Holman Frenia Allison. Photo from New Jersey Globe.

Firm Backed Anti-Trump Democrats; Flipping County Board for First Time in 40 Years

Holman’s firm donated to the campaign of Democrat freeholder candidate Shanel Robinson, who along with Democrat Sara Sooy helped flip that board to Democratic control for the first time in a generation, backing an anti-Trump Democrat slate.

According to the New Jersey Globe, “Democratic freeholder candidates in Somerset County defeated Republican incumbents Tuesday night, securing seats their party hasn’t won since Michael Ceponis beat a Republican in 1979.”

“Buoyed by dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump, Sara Sooy and Shanel Robinson defeated Republican incumbents with 57,741 and 59,255 votes, or 26% and 27%, respectively,” the Globe reported of the close election.

Holman’s Blue Wave Ended a Generation of Republican Influence 

Holman Frenia Allison donated $500 to the campaign that defeated Republicans, ending over 40 years of Republican control Somerset County.

Holman, now six months later is seeking the support of Ocean County committee members to become the next chairman of the Ocean County Republican Organization.

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