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Town Work Truck Destroyed in Blaze

TOMS RIVER-On Tuesday, members of the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company reported to the township public works facility on Church Road after it was reported that a township work truck was on fire.   At 9:51 am,  Silverton Fire and Silverton EMS responded to the Toms River Township Public Works building on Church Road for a vehicle fire.

“Chief Novak # 2610 and Captain O’Neill # 2620 were 1st to arrive, reporting a well involved township work truck and assumed command. Chief # 2910, Chief # 3010, Chief #1-100, Lt # 2930 with crews from Engine 29-31, Squad 29-13 and Pleasant Plains Fire Dept 30-41 exthigushed the fire,” the Department said.

Photos by Silverton VFD.

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