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Andy Kim’s Party Supports Infanticide, But Criticizes Republicans for Endangering Children

Andy Kim’s Campaign Repackages Chicago Socialist’s Campaign Ad for Use in New Jersey

WASHINGTON, DC-The newly elected socialist freshman class continue to “Out Left” each other every day.

New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim has been busy in his first three months in Congress.  When he’s not raising money, blocking border security bills, supporting illegal immigrants’ right to vote and supporting infanticide, he finds time to criticize Republicans, even though he’s the most bi-partisan Congressman to ever walk the halls of Congress.

While pretty much every vote Kim has made has been down the party line with his partners, Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kim, at least publicly has to play it safe.

That’s because on social media and in campaign advertising he has to appear bi-partisan in order to not be a one-term congressman which he is currently destined to become.

On Wednesday, Kim, through the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said “Republican attacks on health care make us sick,” depicting a young boy at a doctor’s office visit.

But just days before that his own party blocked a bill in the U.S. Senate that would block abortions at birth was struck down by Senate Democrats, so if anyone is putting children at risk, it’s the party that wishes to extinguish their life at birth.

Kim’s statement criticized Republicans for wanting to repeal Obamacare and claims the party is trying to terminate pre-existing conditions, which is false.

Not only was Kim’s message off-target this week, but it wasn’t even his own message.

Kim’s platform, “straight outta Chicago”.

DCCC press initially sent out Kim’s statement with a graphic made for Lauren Underwood who represents Chicago’s 14th district.

For Kim’s outright lie and his regurgitation of another Congress member’s advertisement, we issue a “Pinocchio Alert”.


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