GOP Shows Fear in NJ’s 25th District Race

DANVILLE, NJ- New Jersey Republican Chairman Doug Steinhardt today showed his hand, which was full of fear in New Jersey’s 25th legislative district today.  Since holding both the Senate seat and two legislative seats in the district since pretty much the beginning of time, the NJ GOP issued a press release last week expressing their fears this year against Democrat Lisa Bhimani (pictured above) and Darcy Draeger.

Bhimani, an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, and the Vice-chairman of the Morris County Democrat Party is running with Draeger, another die-hard, liberal, progressive Democrat.

But, New Jersey’s top GOP officer wants to know where they stand.

Despite having control of the district since 1974, an entire lifetime for many, the puzzling press release in 2018 showed that the Democrats have the GOP scrambling in fear…and they should.

Anthony Bucco, Michael Carrol and Tony Bucco have won the past five elections in the district, but that reign almost came to an end in 2017 when Bhimani narrowed the gap to just 4 percentage points in a district Republicans won by nearly 70 percentage points two years earlier.

Steinhardt today asked for his Democrat opponents to fess up and state where they stand with New Jersey’s Chief Progressive Officer, Governor Phil Murphy.

As if the Democrats would actually respond to such a question and say, “ya, we’re with Murphy.”

The Democrats did respond to the question and of course, said “no”.

Darcy Draeger and Lisa Bihmani can safely place their November champagne order, because it’s clear Republicans in that district don’t know how to stop them.

At this point, I am calling LD 25 in favor of Democrats as the first legislative district to fall in 2018.


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