Phil Murphy Wants $15 Min. Wage, But Only Paid His Workers $12.50 in 2017 Election

TRENTON-Democrats in New Jersey want businesses to pay $15 minimum wages before the end of 2018, but when it comes to their own workers, they paid election canvassers just $12.50 per hour.

In 2017, when running for office on the platform of a $15 minimum wage, Murphy campaign workers, according to NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission Reports were paid just $12.50.  It was a point of contention raised by Murphy’s primary opponent, John Wisniewski.

Wisniewski called Murphy a hypocrite on the campaign trail, clamoring for businesses to pay $15 per hour while refusing to pay his own employees that wage.

This year, in the 2018 election, Democrats paying canvassers in Ocean and Monmouth Counties also refused to pay workers $15 per hour to work on political campaigns.


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