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Jackson Student Stops School Bus After Driver Thrown Out of Seat in Collision

JACKSON-After a school bus here was hit by an SUV, the driver of the bus was thrown to the floor near the bus’s exit doors and kept rolling on Thursday.   Evan VanArsdale, 16, a passenger on the bus heading to school made a command decision to get behind the wheel and stop the bus.

In a News 12 report, VanArsdale said the bus driver was down at the bottom of the bus’s door well when he took action, pulling the emergency brake and radioing the Jackson School District’s transportation department dispatch.

“I just said, ‘Hi, this is [bus] 964. We just got in a recent car accident. Send help if you can,’ and I put it back down and I tried to help [the bus driver] out and keep her calm,” he said on News 12.


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