Murphy Congratulates Himself for Being “Real Governor” After Snowstorm

TRENTON-Governor Phil Murphy shared a Facebook message from a NJ Transit worker he appeared in a photo-op with the day after dropping the ball on New Jersey during the state’s first snowstorm of the season.

Robert Warrington, a New Jersey Transit bus driver who also happens to be an avid Democrat and anti-Trumper boasted about Murphy’s snow job, leading the governor to share the one piece of praise he received for his handling of the storm.      Warrington who spent 8.5 hours stuck on his NJ Transit bus thanked the governor for showing up the next day to thank bus drivers.

“This is what a real governor does, Gov.Murphy showed up day after storm to congratulate us all on a job well done. I think most of us truly appreciated him coming by to say ‘thank you ` . I spent 8.5 hrs in that bus and believe me it was a very tough nite for all. Now if you don’t see me for a while just check the Governor’s schedule and that’s where you’ll find me ! We’re hanging out !!! Lol,” Murphy re-posted on his official Facebook page.

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