New Car Wash, Laundromat Opens Berkeley

BERKELEY TOWNSHIP-There’s two things most of us hate to do, get our car washed and do our laundry.  Now, residents of Berkeley Township can do both at the same time.     Abe Shapiro, owner of the new Berkeley based Car Wash Express, OilXchange and Laundromat was welcomed to the community this week by Mayor Carmen Amato.

Shapiro said that customers who get an oil change at the business will receive a free car wash and free vacuums.  While their car is being washed, patrons can go inside the laundromat to do their laundry.

Shapiro said that the washers and dryers inside the laundromat use cards, so you won’t have to bring your bag of change next time you need to wash your clothes.

The business is located at 468 Atlantic City Blvd., Bayville, across from ShopRite.


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