Wolfie’s Restaurant Owners Looking to Sell

TOMS RIVER-Stuart Wolf, the owner of Wolfie’s Restaurant on Route 37 has announced the business is going up for sale.

“We would like to take the time to thank every one of you for coming along our journey of 50 amazing years,” Wolf posted. “It has been an honor serving you and we very much appreciate your business.”

Wolf said the restaurant will remain open, at least for now, until a seller is found.

“We have decided that [it is] time to take our next chapter in our lives as we are selling our restaurant,” he continued.  “Until then, OUR BUSINESS REMAINS OPEN!! Please stop in and visit us!!”

Wolfies opened in 1968 and has been a successful local family business ever since.

Once a local staple, Wolfie’s, like many mom and pop restaurants are losing ground to the influx of chain restaurants.  During the 1990’s when Wolfies was hidden in a back alley of the Dover Mall, people would make their way there for delicious deli cuisine.   Now, the restaurant competes with instant gratification and drive through fast food chains.  On Route 37 alone, within the vicinity of Wolfie’s there are two McDonalds, Burger King, White Castle, Checkers, KFC, Wendy’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and now Popeye’s, few of which existed just twenty years ago.

When the United States Armed Forces Reserve Center was stationed upstairs from Wolfie’s in the Dover Mall, it was often the final eating destination for military recruits shipping off to boot camp and basic training.  It’s where I ate my last meal as a civilian before heading to Parris Island, South Carolina back in 1991.

Interested buyers can give Stuart a call at 732-330-2575.

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