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Grunin Foundation Donates $20,000 To Toms River Police Officers

TOMS RIVER-The Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation donated $20,000 to the Toms River Police Department’s annual Vest-A-Cop fundraiser at the Pizza Hut restaurant on Route 37 in Toms River.

In total, the department raised $51,000 at the event, where hundreds of residents came out for fun, games and of course, pizza.   Police officers served as waiters inside the restaurant.

According to Toms River Township, the service life of a vest is 5 years and the TRPD has a rotation so that the vests are replaced on a scheduled basis. The vests cost about $1,000 and vests are also needed for the K-9 officers.

Councilman Mo Hill was in attendance to represent the township committee.

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