Toms River Ordinance Aims to Curb Future North Dover Overdevelopment

TOMS RIVER-An ordinance introduced by the Toms River Township Council last week aims to reduce the overdevelopment of the North Dover section of the township.

Two properties have been initially identified as sites that right now could possibly lead them to be home to an eventual apartment or condominium project near already existing and approved high-density projects.

The site is located on Cox Cro Road between Whitesville Road and Route 9, an already busy hub of high-density residential development.

The properties combine for over 50 acres and are currently zoned R-200 and the GOP majority council’s change to the map would make them zoned R-800.

The action would put the lots in the Conservation, Recreation and Open Space Element of the Master Plan with a recommended increase from 20% to 50% minimum open space set-aside for Cluster Development.

If adopted, a future developer would have to set aside half of the property as open space if they were to build homes on 20,000 square foot lots instead of the proposed 80,000 square foot lots.

The zoning change has no impact on already approved projects in the area.

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