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Toms River Republicans Face Primary Challenge from Police Officer

TOMS RIVER-Justin Lamb, a Lavallette police officer, is challenging the Republican establishment in Toms River, taking on incumbent Republican Maria Maruca in June’s Ward 1 primary election.

“I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch our community continue to suffer from the current administration’s inaction and lack of vision,” Lamb said in a campaign statement.  “While I am not a professional local politician, I have served in the public eye as a police officer for 15 years.”

Lamb said during his career as a police officer, he has successfully navigated governmental procedures and challenges at the local, county, and state level.

“In addition, my experience as a police officer and past experience managing a small construction company allows me to recognize the need to form strong relationships with the citizens and the local businesses of our community,” he said.  “These experiences, along with my legal education from Rutgers University, ensure that I am the effective advocate that our community needs.”

Lamb described himself as a lifelong Republican and has lived in Toms River for 8 years.

“The rising property tax burden on Ward 1 residents, especially those residing in our beach communities and along the waterfront is unacceptable and needs to be challenged,” he said. “The layers of bureaucracy that exist in Toms River need to be reduced and streamlined.”
Also running against Maruca and Lamb is political newcomer Chris Grimes.
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