Beck Votes to Advance Tax Cuts to Make NJ a More Affordable Place to Retire

Senator Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth) voted to pass a pair of tax-cut bills through the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee.

Sen. Jennifer Beck voted for a pair of tax-cut bills before the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee in an effort to make New Jersey a more affordable place to retire. (©iStock)

Senator Beck voted for bipartisan S-1728 that would decrease the nation’s highest death tax — New Jersey’s estate tax — over a five-year period. She also supported bipartisan S-998, a retirement income tax cut for middle-class retirees.

“We all feel the pain as grandparents are forced to split from their children and grandchildren to protect what they worked their whole lives to earn and pass on,” Senator Beck said. “We feel the pain as employers, who once paid solid wages to our neighbors, are taxed out of New Jersey, and as our children graduate college in more affordable states, where they then get jobs, afford to buy properties and start families. Such devastating effects of high taxes hurt all of us who remain in New Jersey and it impacts future generations.”

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