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Republicans Angry, Shocked As Jersey Democrat Candidate Admits to Assaulting Ex-Wife

BURLINGTON COUNTY-New Jersey Republicans today are shocked and outraged at the hypocrisy of state Democrats.

Earlier in the day yesterday, Democrats declared themselves as “Champions of Sexual Assault Victims”, but before the day ended, George Youngkin, a Democrat Freeholder candidate in Burlington County made news when it was found that he had assaulted his ex-wife and stalked another woman, leading her to seek police protection.

Youngkin was detained by police in November 2006 following an altercation with his ex-wife, who also reported that he “attempted to choke her” about six months earlier when the couple were still married, according to public records, according to the Burlington County Times.

Yesterday, Republicans called for Youngkin’s resignation.

“I’m disgusted by these repugnant actions. This person has absolutely no business serving in public office and should withdraw immediately,” said Bob Hugin, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran running for U.S. Senate. “Bob Menendez was silent in the face of Sheriff Saudino’s hateful, racist, and homophobic remarks. Will he have the courage to publicly denounce someone who choked his ex-wife or will he continue his pattern of staying silent?”

Tom MacArthur, who is running against Democrat Andy Kim also called on Kim to join a bi-partisan effort to force Youngkin to resign from the race.

“Incredibly, Andy Kim proudly stands with corrupt, career politician Bob Menendez just because he’s a Democrat. Will he now choose to stand with a domestic abuser, too, just because he’s a Democrat? I hope not. Kim should join me and immediately call for George Youngkin to drop out of the race,” MacArthur said.

Neither Kim nor Menendez commented publicly on the Youngkin domestic assault.

Burlington County Democratic Committee Chairman Joe Andl said the county party was unaware of Youngkin’s arrest record and actions, but that it would continue to stand behind him and are “fully committed” to his campaign.

Hugin called on his opponent, Robert Menendez, hailed earlier in the day as the champion of sexual assault victims, to join him in calling for Youngkin’s resignation.

“In a disgraceful show of partisanship, the Burlington County Democratic Committee still stands behind George Youngkin. Will Bob Menendez stand with his Democratic party establishment or will he do what’s best for the people of New Jersey?” asked Hugin.

Youngkin has since announced he was suspending his campaign.

“I am immediately suspending my campaign for Burlington County Freeholder. As I have said, I take full responsibility for my actions during a very difficult time for my family. In order to prevent further anguish to those I love, I am stepping aside. I am sorry for the pain that I have caused to my family, my running mates, and my supporters,” Youngkin said.

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