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REPORT: Another Democrat Breaks His Silence in Ocean County

BRICK-Another influential Ocean County Democrat has broken his silence on the state of affairs of the party in an op-ed with Ocean County Politics.

This time, longtime Democrat and campaign donor Stan Schick, the former Brick Township Housing Authority chairman detailed life as a Democrat in the blue stronghold of Brick Township.

Schick’s revelations come just two weeks after Councilman James Fozman denounced the Brick Democrat establishment’s support of the re-election campaign of disgraced New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez.

He is the fourth prominent Ocean County Democrat to break ranks with the progressive North Jersey liberal political machine making a power play here at the Jersey Shore.

“No one supported Mayor John Ducey more than my wife and I. When he was on the town council and running for mayor the first time, he was abused by the Republicans running against him at council meetings,” Schick wrote. “They bullied him incessantly at every opportunity. It made my blood boil. My wife and I were determined to help him get elected Mayor.”

Fozman Leaves Democratic Party Citing Rampant Far Left Extremism in Local Government

Schick detailed how he was given the cold shoulder by Mayor John Ducey, after his re-election last year, despite being one of Ducey’s biggest campaign supporters, and he was subsequently ousted as chairman of the housing authority there.

Read the full story at Ocean County Politics.

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