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Brick Mayor Announces No Position on School Security Referendum

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Posted by Township of Brick, NJ Municipal Government on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

BRICK-The Brick Township School District is moving forward with a $12 million safety and security bond referendum that will harden the district’s schools to protect students against mass shootings and other daily dangers involved in modern society.

Brick’s Mayor, John Ducey said he will sit the referendum out, remaining on the sidelines to avoid tarnishing his political career.

When asked about his position on the referendum on his Facebook Live question and answer program, Ducey refused to give his opinion on the measure, instead, launching into a political tirade against his fellow councilman, James Fozman.

Ducey, a Democrat, has been feuding publicly with Fozman since the councilman switched parties after backing Republican Bob Hugin for Senate against the embattled Robert Menendez.

The mayor said he won’t endorse the referendum because of possible political backlash it could create for him.  Ducey is in a tough spot.  He’s a Democratic mayor in a township with a Democratic school board that was just hit hard by a Democratic Governor who stripped funding from the school district.

If he criticizes the state, it could put him at odds with the political power brokers that helped him ascend to office.  If he doesn’t criticize the Governor’s funding cuts, it could be used against him in future elections.

“I don’t take positions, I don’t endorse anybody. The only people I’ve ever endorsed are the seven council people,” he said. “I really don’t want my reputation ruined because of what somebody else does.”

Ducey continued, “I never make endorsements of anything.”

Ducey said he has only ever endorsed his own fellow Democrats on the “Ducey Team” which controls power in the township, but made one exception.

“I have one person who stabbed me in the back,” Ducey said, referring to Fozman. “I have a 14% failure rating even on the people I do endorse.”

“I have a 14% chance of somebody stabbing me in the back so I don’t do any endorsements,” Ducey said as he closed his public session.


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