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Resident: Everyone Has Let Down Brick Seniors Affected by Flood

BRICK-Michele Spector, a resident of Brick Township told the Brick Township Council and Mayor John Ducey this week that the residents who had been flooded in August, possibly by a nearby construction project performed along the Garden State Parkway had been let down.

“Everyone had let them down from government down to local,” Spector said. “This is a real shame, they feel that there was big to do in the beginning and that was it, so what’s left except a lawsuit to make people notice what they have lost, and they have lost a lot.”

“We have lost a lot in Evergreen Wood, we have lost our quality of life,” she added. “Children have gotten asthma with no prior history…you can’t be outside.  This is not a life.”

Spector said that after the parkway expansion that possibly left the community flooded, the noise problems in the area have ruined the quality of life for residents.

“Not everything that can be done has been done,” she told the council.

Brick Councilwoman Heather deJong.

After a series of residents pleaded with the township to assist residents, Council President Heather deJong immediately shut down the public comment portion of the meeting without commenting or replying to the residents’ concerns.

Mayor John Ducey announced that affected residents could apply for loans to assist with their damages.

Residents of Greenbriar have hired attorney Justin Lamb to file a class action lawsuit against multiple agencies.



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