Renovated Berkeley Island Park Almost Ready for Summer

BERKELEY TWP-The Berkeley Island Park is almost ready for visitors after being rebuilt in the years during the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

100% of the park’s infrastructure was impacted by Hurricane Sandy, and safety issues prevented the park from being completely reopened. As a result, a total redevelopment of the park was necessary, according to the county.  Plans to rebuild the park were approved in 2014.

The new park will include a kids splash park.

According to a government official on Facebook for the Parks Department, the finishing touches are being added to the park.

“The landscaping is near complete. Grass seed is ready to go in. The kid’s Splash Park is complete and more,” they said.  “We are very close to a grand opening date.However we do not have a specific date at this time and will announce it as soon as we do. There are several items that need to be completed such as paving of the main parking area, additional shoreline protection and a Certificate of Occupancy.”

The 25 acre bayside park is located in Bayville at 399 Brennan Concourse.

Handout photos by Ocean County parks and recreation.

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