Ocean County’s Top Democrat Candidate Endorses Reina for Mayor in Jackson

JACKSON-Teddy Price is a Democrat who is running against Republicans next Tuesday for a seat on the Ocean County Board of Freeholders.  Price, the former president of the Toms River Democrat Club is a conservative Democrat who is tired of what the extreme left has done to his party.

In September, he crossed party lines to endorse businessman and Marine Bob Hugin for Senate over his party’s choice, Bob Menendez.   His decision to vote his conscience made headlines across the state.   Soon, a wave of influential conservative Democrats followed suit.

He cited Menendez’s multiple corruptions charges and other ethics violations as the reason behind his decision.

“Menendez is an embarrassment to the working men and women of New Jersey” price contended. “How can good Democrats support someone who was charged with 18 counts of corruption and ultimately chastised by the Senate Ethics Committee.

“My endorsement of Republican Bob Hugin didn’t sit well with Monmouth County Senator Vin Gopal,” Price said.

Shortly after the endorsement, Gopal penned a letter to the Ocean County Democratic Chairman stating that he was still going to commit $10,000 to Ocean County races this year, but he didn’t want Price’s campaign to receive any of that money.

Instead, Mr. Gopal said he wanted that money to be allocated to municipal races in the County. Price fired back in reference to Mr. Gopal’s hefty contribution by stating,

Now, Price said he’s endorsing Michael Reina for mayor of Jackson Township.

“Everyone on the inside knows it’ll be funneled to Jackson, where Mitch Seim and his friends are looking to take out Michael Reina,” Price said.

Price said the campaign of fake news mailers being launched against the Republican mayor of Jackson are coming from the top of the Democrat party food chain.  He should know.  For years, until speaking out against the extreme left tactics being used in the party, Price was part of that chain.

Lakewood Democrats teaming up with state Democrats to remove Reina.

Price said the strategy being employed against Reina by Tracie Yostpille and campaign consultant Mitch Seim is a coordinated effort between Lakewood Democrats and New Jersey Democrats pooling resources to remove a common thorn they both have in their side.

As the old saying goes, the enemies of my friends are also my enemies.

“The only two contested municipal races in Ocean County this year are in Jackson and Stafford Township, where Democrats traditionally don’t have much of a chance,” Price said.  “It’s important to note that earlier this year, Senator Gopal made an appearance at the Annual Legislative Breakfast for Agudath Israel, where he was photographed with Lakewood Councilman and former Mayor Meir Lichtenstein. Agudath Israel is the Orthodox advocacy group that’s suing Jackson over restrictions the township put in place on the constructions of schools, dormitories, and eruvs on public property. ”

At a recent Freeholder debate in the Lake Ridge Senior Community, Price told residents that if he lived in Jackson, he would vote for Mike Reina for Mayor.

Price, a longtime Democrat state party confidante confirmed Yostpille’s campaign is being run by Seim, a former Lakewood Democratic Committeeman and Marta Harrison, Lakewood’s former Mayor.   In 2015, Seim ran Harrison’s unsuccessful re-election campaign with another former Lakewood mayor, Meir Lichtenstein.

“Jackson residents need to ask themselves: Why are the Lakewood  Democrats so interested in Jackson politics, and Why is Mr. Gopal pumping so much money into the Jackson race?” he asked.

Mayor Michael Reina accepted Prices endorsement and thanked him for helping him to show the voters of Jackson what is really going on in the township this election season.|

Despite penning a letter to Wyatt Earp, the chairman of the Ocean County Democrats, Senator Vin Gopal has denied any involvement in the Jackson Township election.  Mitch Seim has confirmed that he is working behind the scenes as a campaign consultant for the Yostpille campaign.

Yostpille has refused to comment on Seim’s involvement in her campaign.   After sending what could amount to tens of thousands of dollars on smear campaign mailers against Mike Reina this election cycle, Yostpille penned a letter to Jackson residents claiming her campaign is broke and she is the victim of an unfair election and invited residents to a pancake party this weekend.



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