Ocean County Democrats Offer Sessions on Activism in Toms River, Barnegat

The Ocean County Democrats will be hosting two events in February, activist training and a Trump “How and Why” session.

On February 8th, from 6-8 pm, Democrats will be discussing, “Making a difference-how, why and when in the Trump era.”  The event will be held at the Ocean County Library in Downtown Toms River.

On February 23rd, from 6-8pm, they will be providing Democratic Activist Training at the Barnegat branch of the Ocean County Library.

“Making a difference in your town and country- running for office- how, why and when to run,” read the event notice. “If you’ve ever thought about running for office, or would like to get involved in a campaign- this training is for you. This is the first session in a series, and will go over how to get on the ballot and what it takes to get started.”



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