NJ Governor Engages in Editorial War of Words with Texas

NEW JERSEY-As tax burdened New Jersey residents and businesses eye their future in other states, Texas Governor Greg Abbott this week, invited New Jersey’s battered and beaten to relocate to Texas.

Abbot had his solicitation published in the Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s largest daily newspaper.  In retaliation, Murphy penned his own diatribe in the Dallas Morning News.

Murphy said he was shocked over Abbot’s solicitation of New Jersey business and residents.

“For too long, New Jersey put the wealthy and big corporations ahead of ordinary people, and it failed miserably,” he said, as Gerber just recently announced it was leaving the state.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do in New Jersey. We’re climbing out of a hole with honest fiscal policies and smart investments in transportation, infrastructure and education. But we’re tackling our challenges openly,” Murphy continued.

Since becoming Governor, Murphy has proposed turning New Jersey into a sanctuary state where residents are barred from carrying legal firearms to protect themselves, enough to scare any decent God-fearing, law-abiding New Jersey citizen to take Abbot’s invite to the Lone Star State seriously.


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