MacArthur: Andy Kim is a Career Public Servant Who Fears Successful Business Owners

TRENTON-United States Congressman Tom MacArthur (NJ-CD3) told his opponent, Andy Kim, who prior to running for Congress this year worked as a self-funded political activist that he is a career public servant who fears business and sees business owners as the enemy.

MacArthur said in tonight’s NJTV candidate debate that Kim, who served as low-level administration note-taker under President Obama that he doesn’t understand the struggles of the American small business owner, and has vilified Main Street Americans who have found success in the American Dream.

Kim responded by saying he is proud he chose a career in public service.

MacArthur also confronted Kim on the far left resistance organization he founded.

“My opponent has been a professional protester, he started an organization called RISE Stronger, he organized marches, stood by Linda Sarsour as she called for Jihad against the President.  That sort of protest is something we don’t need right now in Washington,” MacArthur said.

Kim did not respond to MacArthur nor did he deny the claim.

“Andy Kim was an advisor to President Obama when he called ISIS the JV team,” MacArthur said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy put that term in his ear.”

MacArthur said during Kim’s involvement as an ISIS advisor to General Petraeus, the terrorist organization rose to the height of its power.



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