Lakewood Police Chief Caught in Yostpille Campaign Crossfire

Democrat Smear Campaign Flyer Claims Jackson Mayor Met with Lakewood Developer…AFTER HE DIED!

JACKSON-A recent mailer sent out to residents in Jackson Township have implicated Lakewood Police Chief and Jackson Township resident Gregory Meyer.

In a campaign mailer sent out on behalf of the campaign of Tracie Yostpille for mayor, the NJEA leader, backed by New Jersey’s Democrat power base claimed a photo of a group of Orthodox men at a meeting of “Lakewood Power Brokers” with developers and Jackson Mayor Michael Reina.

There’s just one problem.  While the mailer identifies all of the “power brokers”, it fails to identify the Lakewood Police Chief.

Tracie Yostpille, candidate for Mayor in Jackson, accused by OC Chronicle of having financial and political ties to Lakewoood powerbase.

Just as Yostpille used a veterans service at the local VFW to drag veterans through the political mud, now she is using the Lakewood Police Chief as a disposable tool in her quest for power here in Jackson.

In the photo, Chief Meyer is pictured third from the left, but his name is intentionally left out of the mailer sent out to all Jackson residents by the Yostpille team.   Yostpille and her team have yet to disclose why Meyer’s name was intentionally omitted, but it’s probably because it was not a meeting between developers and powerbrokers.

Mayor Michael Reina said the party was a retirement party for former Jackson resident “Lenny Cohen” who worked at the Lakewood DPW and not a developer “Lenny Cohen”.

Read the obituary for “Lenny Cohen” the Lakewood Developer.

Unfortunately for Democrats trying to push the politics of fear across Jackson Township, Lenny Cohen, the developer passed away in 2014 at the age of 84 years old.   If this picture of Lenny Cohen was indeed the developer, he looks pretty darn good for his age…and the fact that he was dead at the time the picture was claimed to have been taken.

Reina this week said he would not talk about the flyer because of its absurdity and said, “Will the real Lenny Cohen, please stand up?”    He added that the Lenny Cohen in the photo was a township resident who had retired to Florida after serving the community for decades and was part of his obligation to attend as mayor, as he attends functions for townspeople all year long, regardless of their faith or even political beliefs.

We were unable to reach Meyer and Yostpille’s campaign has yet to disclose what role Meyer had in this “high level” meeting of men “selling out” Jackson Township played.

According to his 2014 published obituary, Developer Lenny Cohen was a Democrat who was appointed to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority by former Democratic Governor Jim Florio.   Lenny Cohen the DPW guy who retired and moved to Florida is still alive.  So is Lenny Cohen the entertainer…and Lenny Cohen the lawyer…not to be confused with Lenny Cohen, just some dude with a common Jewish name in pretty much every town in New Jersey.



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