Did You Know? You Can Drive a Golf Cart on Some New Jersey Roads!

TOMS RIVER-Can you drive your golf cart on roads in New Jersey?  According to the Ocean County Traffic Safety Association, “Sure.”

“However, there are Federal / State regulations to operate a golf cart (LSV),” the organization said on a post on their website.

While it is legal, they warn some municipalities can impose a LSV ban on ALL roadways within their jurisdiction, so make sure you check that out first.

Some of the caveats?

Posted speed limits on roads must be 25 MPH or below to drive your cart, must be a battery powered cart and you must have a valid driver’s license.

If children are in the golf cart, safety restraint laws are the same as they would be for passenger vehicles.

In case you’re thinking about recreating a scene from MTV’s “Jackass” movies, keep in mind, the rules of the road apply and you can get a ticket, which is applied the same as operating a normal motor vehicle.

Want to learn more about driving golf carts on the road, check out the association’s website.

To learn more about New Jersey traffic safety information, visit the Ocean County Traffic Safety Officer’s Association webpage.

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