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Yostpille Campaign Finance Report Reveals Mysterious $10,000 Campaign Contribution

JACKSON-Tracie Yostpille, a candidate for Mayor in Jackson Township has finally filed a campaign finance report with the New Jersey Election Commission, but that report leaves many unanswered questions.

According to Yostpille’s 11-day pre-election R-1 report on public record, Yostpille reported raising $10,390 for her campaign and claims she has spent just $698.  The filing shows Yostpille moved $4,450 of her personal campaign funds to the “Save Jackson 2018” political action committee and has $5,059 remaining in her campaign account.

The campaign listed the $10,390 as a monetary contribution to her campaign but did not disclose the source of that funding.

According to the New Jersey Election Commission, “Save Jackson 2018” does not exist and that all political action committees have a 10-day filing obligation from the time they receive their first dollar.   According to Yostpille’s filing, the Save Jackson 2018 PAC received its first financial contribution on September 10th.






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