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Singh In Line with Murphy, PSE&G on Jersey’s $3 Billion Energy Bailout

TRENTON-As one chapter closes on nuclear energy at the Jersey Shore as Oyster Creek, the nation’s oldest operating nuclear energy plant shuts down, Hirsh Singh, running for Congress, says he’s behind supporting clean nuclear energy. North of Singh’s district in Lacey Township is the home of Exelon Generation’s Oyster Creek nuclear power plant.

It is scheduled to be shut down for good this October. On the other side of New Jersey PSEG operates the Salem nuclear generating plant on the Delaware River.

In a press release today, appearing with PSEG employees at the Statehouse, Singh said he voiced his support for PSEG’s plan to preserve nuclear power generating plants in South Jersey.

“An all of the above, diverse energy supply system is critical to ensuring energy independence nationally as well as safe, consistent, and reliable energy for all South Jerseyeans,” Singh said in the release.

In the press release, Singh added that the continued operation of the Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Stations in Lower Alloways Creek are essential for the local economy and for South Jersey families.

“It would be fundamentally unsound energy policy to ‘put all our eggs in one basket’ and become too dependent on natural gas or coal or solar power or any other single source of electric power,” Singh said. “Nuclear is and must continue to be a key component of our energy supply system — now and into the future.” New Jersey Democrats agree with Singh. Singh’s position was in line with New Jersey’s new Democrat Governor Phil Murphy who, along with state Democrats in Trenton worked on PSE&G bailout legislation that included clean energy initiatives.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the nuclear subsidy bill alone would cost ratepayers $3 billion over 10 years, according to Division of Rate Counsel Director Stefanie Brand, who opposes the bill and whose job is to look out for the interests of ratepayers.

According to the Star Ledger, that bailout would be subsidized in the form of rate hikes to prevent the state’s remaining nuclear power plants from closing.

“Too many jobs at stake. It’s the biggest bridge to a 100 percent clean-energy future — again, as long as they are run properly,” Murphy said in February of the bill.

Sierra Club President Jeff Tittel called the legislation a “Green Scam”.

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