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Report: Feds Investigating Brick Democrat School Board President

BRICK-A report today out of Brick says Stephanie Wohlrab, the President of the Brick Township Board of Education is now under federal investigation for possible campaign finance fraud.

Daniel Nee, editor of the Brick Shorebeat opened an investigative report into the campaign finances of Wohlrab after noticing she was paying herself from her own political action committee.

Wohlrab, in 2015 ran as a member of Mitch Seim’s “Clean Slate” ticket.   Seim, who is under fire in Jackson Township and Howell Township over his ties to Lakewood Democrats is also managing Wohlrab’s campaign this year, adding to the troubles piling up for the embattled Democrat operative.

According to a letter from the Federal Election Commission reported by the Brick Shorebeat the feds are investigating Wohlrab’s campaign finances.

“This notice requests information essential to full public disclosure of your federal election campaign finances,” wrote Michael Adamsky, a campaign finance analyst for the FEC, in the letter to Stephanie Wohlrab. The letter ordered Wohlrab to respond by Nov. 1 or face penalties. Specifically, the FEC requested “a brief statement or description of why each disbursement was made.”

The primary contributor to Wohlrab’s PAC was Fairview Associates, a firm Democrats across New Jersey use to funnel money to PAC’s.  In return, Democrats typically appoint Fairview Associates as their municipal or school board insurance firm.

According to Nee, Wohlrab paid herself $12,000 from her campaign fund and listed the expense as a “consulting fee”.

Seim is also running a campaign in Jackson Township for Tracie Yostpille where the candidate’s finances have come under scrutiny by the community.  After what could total tens of thousands of dollars on campaign marketing and postcard mailings, Seim and his candidate in Jackson have so far failed to publicly reveal those expenses and funding sources to the public.

You can read the full story here.


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