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Phil Murphy Stars in “Murphy’s Millions”, How to Spend $30 Million Without Telling Anyone the Plan


by Phil Stilton

TRENTON-In 1985, the actors were Richard Pryor and John Candy. Pryor was tasked to spend $30 million in 30 days so he could inherit $300,000,000. Running out of options, he turned to the one solid plan to throw money out the window, running for political office. Brewster’s Millions was a quirky and mildly successful comedy that highlighted the flaws of both American politics and society. The catch? He couldn’t tell anyone what his plan was.

This year, Phil Murphy’s campaign for governor against Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno is reminiscent to the 1985 comedy, except Murphy is a millionaire Wall Street executive throwing away the same amount of money for the title of Governor of the state of New Jersey. Like Pryor, he’s not telling anyone what his plan is.

In the primary election, Murphy spend $20,000,000 to defeat his fellow Democrats. So far Murphy’s campaign has been lackluster and bears the same message as Brewster’s “Vote for None of the Above”, this time not because the message was insanely clever, but because Murphy’s Millions has been a very lackluster campaign that hasn’t impressed many New Jersey residents.

Whether or not New Jersey is ready for another Goldman Sachs executive to run the state.  Is New Jersey ready for a tax happy Democrat who won’t say whether or not he’d keep Chris Christie’s 2% tax cap in place?

Of course, everyone in New Jersey is disappointed with Governor Chris Christie, but as former gubernatorial candidate Joseph Rullo said, “If Phil Murphy wins in November, you’re going to miss Chris Christie.”

Christie’s cinematic title for 2017 is “Everybody Hates Chris”, and you can’t blame them, not even the Republican diehards who supported him through two elections. They’re gone now.

Unfortunately for Republicans and for the future of New Jersey,  the Christie stink keeps following his number two, Kim Guadagno, who has tried to cleanse herself repeatedly of it.

Guadagno faces an uphill challenge this year as she has done little to win over the Trump crowd which could have been her base.   There’s no energy, no excitement and her yet to be named cinematic title for 2017 would definitely be narrated by Ben Stein.   It’s doubtful that the Trumpers and conservatives of New Jersey would ever vote for Murphy, but we’re a tough crowd and we need a reason to go out to the poll in November. So far, the only reason is to block the Democrat, but that’s not an accomplishment we can be proud of after just electing our President a year prior because of his platform.

New Jersey’s choices are the tax happy Democrat Wall Street insider who is now over $20,000,000 in the red and Kim Guadagno.

In her defense, Guadagno has done her job as Lt. Governor.  She stayed quiet and did what she was supposed to do.  What other choices did she have with a bully boss like Christie?    We now know, Christie ran his team like a dictator.  He made all the decisions and nobody moved without his approval.  There was no room for dissent, no room for discourse, discussion or disagreement.

She made her rounds, promoted New Jersey businesses to the best of her ability and kept out of trouble.  In a corrupt state like New Jersey, what more can you ask of any politician?

She now has two months to win over and rally conservatives in the state if she hopes to win.


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