Op-ED-Andy Kim Campaign Ignores Multiple Requests for Proof of Service Despite “Heroic” Claims of “Sacrificing His Life”

Who is telling the truth?  Was progressive liberal candidate Andy Kim an architect during America’s war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan or was he simply a low level “note-taker” as described in official government documents and his opponent, Tom MacArthur.

Search the Department of Defense Online Archives for Andy Kim.

This week, MacArthur railed against Kim’s claims, which some in the veterans community, including myself doubt.

That’s why earlier this week, Shore News Network once again requested facts from Kim’s campaign, and once again, that request was ignored.

Kim’s claim of being a high level staffer and advisor to military leaders has many holes. It starts with the most fundamentally flawed concept Kim is purporting to voters in Ocean and Burlington Counties, that a high ranking military general is going to take the advice of a man who was identified several times in official public documents as a “note taker”.

All the Kim campaign has so far produced has been a couple of fan photos of Kim standing next to some generals in poses.  He doesn’t exist in a single Department of Defense imagery archive photo.  His name isn’t listed in any media accounts of strategic sessions at the time and he was not even a blip on the radar other than press releases issued by the Obama Administration, for which he was employed until after he announced his campaign.

Search the Department of Defense Archives for Andrew Kim.

“Can you provide any proof to disqualify the claims being made by the MacArthur campaign?” we asked Evan Lukaske of the DCCC, representing Kim’s campaign. “I have been searching for months now and have found absolutely little supporting the initial claims made on the Kim website.”

Lukaske never replied.

Search the State Department online archive for Andrew Kim.

Andy Kim owes veterans of Ocean and Burlington Counties an explanation.  We demand he release more proof of his service and duties as an Obama staffer during the the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if he continues to try to use that service to win an election to the U.S. Congress.

Search the State Department online archive for Andy Kim.

“Andy Kim was caught embellishing his resume and exaggerated his role in military and national security affairs,” MacArthur’s campaign said.  “He changed his web site when he was caught lying and was criticized by local veterans. Andy stood idly while the Mayor of Hoboken introduced him saying, “he has gone overseas to literally fight and sacrifice his life.” News flash: Andy Kim was never in the military.”

We can only believe at this point, Andy Kim was a spook.  A very high level intelligence officer whose mission was so critical, dealing daily in classified war related information and that the federal government and military erased his name from all records to preserve his identity to maintain a shroud of secrecy because his work was highly classified.

Ya..nah.. we did find this one.

The only reference we were able to find on Andy Kim’s glorious service to the homeland came as he sat, most likely as a notetaker in the background to a meeting between President Barack Obama and the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It’s the only government produced document of Kim working for Obama, other than references in State Department documents identifying him as “Note-Taker”.

I have asked privately several times, now I am asking publicly…Andy Kim, show us your proof that you did what you said you did.






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