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Monmouth Senator Mad $10,000 Donation Didn’t Buy the Right Candidate in Ocean County

Leaked confidential letter reveals Democratic Party plan to take over municipal elections in Jackson and Stafford to be funded in part by a $10,000 “Senate Account” managed by Monmouth County Democratic State Senator, Vin Gopal.

TOMS RIVER-New Jersey may be a blue state, but in Ocean County, the Democratic party is in trouble, highlighted by infighting and defections this year.

In the latest rift within the party, Monmouth County State Senator Vin Gopal penned a letter to Ocean County Democratic Party Chairman Wyatt Earp.  In the letter, Gopal demands Earp not use the $10,000 cash donation he made to support the candidacy of Democratic Freeholder candidate Teddy Price.

Price, last week broke ranks with the Democratic party by voicing his support for Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Bob Hugin.  Now, Gopal is seeking to punish Price’s decision to not back disgraced New Jersey Senator, Robert Menendez.

In the letter, Gopal states that he used his “Senate account” to fund Democrats in Ocean County.

Vin Gopal with New Jersey Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker.

Gopal doesn’t want his $10,000 donation to be used for Price campaign

“As you know, I recently made a contribution of $10,000 from my Senate account to support the Ocean Democrats’ 2018 campaign Efforts,” Gopal wrote. “I am writing to ask for your consideration to not use any of that support, or support from any of your donors, towards the campaign of Freeholder candidate Teddy Price. Please use that financial support towards only electing Democrats at the municipal level this year.”

Gopal would rather his $10,000 Senate donation be used in municipal elections in Jackson Township and Stafford Township where New Jersey Democrats are seeking to take control from Republicans, according to sources within the Democratic party in Ocean County.

Gopal went for Price’s political throat, citing a 1981 charge against Price where he was involved in a scuffle, nearly forty years ago, apparently his only interaction with law enforcement.

Infighting continues with Ocean County Democrat Party between hardline progressives and moderate Democrats

“Mr. Price, who recently endorsed Republican Senate Candidate Bob Hugin, was allegedly charged with resisting arrest…in 1981 after he allegedly got into a fight with officers outside of a bar,” Gopal complained.  “In a separate incident that same year, Mr. Price was allegedly charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and riding on parts of a car not intended for passengers.”

Prior to Price’s support of Hugin for Senate, Gopal was silent on those charges and withheld the information he had on Price.   Instead, he chose to sink his own party’s nominee and move his chips to black, in hopes that he can fund the takeovers of Jackson Township and Stafford Township this November.

“I urge you to utilize this funding to support candidates your residents can be proud of,” Gopal demanded from the Ocean County chairman. “I implore you to utilize this donation solely to support local candidates. We must focus our efforts on developing strong leadership at the local level. Thank you for your consideration in this very important matter.”

Price remained committed to his backing of Hugin, despite the backlash he now faces from his own party over the decision.

“Senator Menendez was charged in an 18 count indictment including bribery, corruption and making false statements,” Price said. “He got off with a hung jury, but the Senator was reprimanded by the bipartisan ethics committee. Yet Mr. Gopal isn’t concerned about the Senator’s unethical behavior while in office.”

Vin Gopal with Brick Township Mayor, John Ducey (D).

Price criticized Gopal’s petty use of a police report taken almost 40 years ago.

“Instead he wants to talk about a couple of fights I got into 40 years ago,” he said. “I was upfront with the Wyatt Earp about my past when he asked me to run in 2015 and again in 2018.”

Price also criticized the flow of money now heading into Ocean County from the nation’s ultra progressive left.

“And when it comes to all of the North Jersey money that’ll be flowing into Ocean County this year, everyone on the inside knows it’ll be funneled to Jackson, where Mitch Seim and his friends are looking to take out Michael Reina,” Price said.

The Democrats are coming…

Democrats have announced their plan to run candidates in Stafford Township.  In Jackson, a team backed by Gopal’s ally, congressional candidate Josh Welle, will be announced this week.

In the past, Gopal party Democrats have successfully taken over the Brick Township municipal government, led by Mayor John Ducey and launched a successful campaign to unseat three Republicans in Toms River in the 2017 election.  In Toms River, one Democrat, Dan Rodrick has already defected from the progressive liberal movement taking over the local Democrat clubs.

As of now, the Democrats have not yet officially announced a slate to run against Reina in Jackson, but it is believed by Democratic party insiders that the campaign of Traci Yostpille for Mayor, Brandon Rose for Council and Paul Sarti for council will be the recipient of Gopal’s $10,000 senate contribution to Ocean County Democrats.

Sarti recently hosted a meet and greet for Democratic congressional candidate Josh Welle, in his home, who called Jackson Township a town of racists, who “aren’t there yet”.


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